Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Executive Job Club In Rathmines

Following the lead of Executive Job Clubs in New York and England, an Executive Job Club is now up and running on alternate Fridays in Rathgar.

As the first network in Dublin focusing on executive, managerial and professional job seekers, this club has much to offer its members:

- the members are highly skilled in their sector and share contacts to help fellow members trying to reach specific recruiters or break into a new sector.

- Job leads will be shared at each fortnightly meeting, helping disseminate placements across the group and increasing the number of opportunities each member is exposed to.

- Optimum Training, the facilitators of the club, coordinate the networking and provide career counselling and professional training to each member at a reduced cost.

- The club will also provide executive job seekers with something that can be difficult to access otherwise - moral support from others in a similar position. This type of social back up can be crucial when a redundancy has left the job seeker in shock or lacking confidence to take a step in a different direction.

- This type of network can also benefit those who are still in employment but have been scared off changing jobs because of the current eceonomic climate.

- Contact Aaron Downes for further details -

Another example of a people taking positive action in the face of the non-stop doom-and-gloom at the moment. Would love to hear your views on this or any other such initiative currently going on.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Twittering Away...

Applied Signs & Display are now officially ensconced in Twitter - believe what people are saying, it is addictive. I think the reason it has caught on so well for business use is that it's fun. It's a fun, instant, dynamic way to get your brand out there and connect with people you might never have had any contact with otherwise. Which can only be good for business! Apart from the many business contacts, friends, customers and IBW and IIA members I have connected with, I am also now following John Mayer, Stephen Fry, MC Hammer, and have even received a private message from Yoko Ono. Seriously, that made my year!

As of today we have 204 followers and we were ranked 355 in a recent survey of Irish Twitterers by Irish Blogs. Give twittering a go. And be sure to follow us at

Some Useful Sites For Twitterers

Top 100 and Top 1000 Irish Twitterers

NearbyTweets: Find Twitterers Near You or By Location & Keyword - great for business searches

Aggregator of Irish Tweets - follow to be included in the stream. Find the most prolific Twitterers (lots of big names in here) Find Twitterers similar to those you already follow Create Simple Polls on Twitter Use Twitter as a to-do list and reminder service Tweet in Private to a select group of friends or colleagues Schedule Tweets in advance Advertise on a particular Twitterer's profile or monetize your own page 'Mute' or filter certain twitter updates to streamline your twitterstream Scan for Twitter Spammers Get notified when someone un-follows you Search the Twitter Golden Pages Brand and Trend tracking on Twitter See your followers and their followers graphed in a 'wheel' Graph your followers over time and track un-follows

Twitter Mosaic Create a visual mosaic of your followers to display on blogs etc.

Friday, March 6, 2009

More Customer Comments...

Our Testimonial page on the website is now full to capacity, so I'm going to add the latest batch here...

' We would just like to say a big thank you to yourself and Declan for
all your help with the presentation. It all turned out really well in the end
(despite all the last minute changes). Our client Jurys Inns were also
very complimentary.'

Siobhan Ward,
Urban Innovations.

‘…thanks for all the help. The stand looked great and worked very well… Apprec all your help and advice…’

Mona Reilly,
Team PR Reilly.

… Thanks for getting the stands turned around so quickly – they look great…

Aisling Donovan,
Marketing Executive,
Aer Arran.

… It has been a pleasure doing business with you. … very professional…

Michael Sweeney,
Rally Ireland.

… Your guys fitted the sign yesterday and did a good job. Am very happy with how it worked out.…

Daniel Kearney,
General Manager,
Iveagh Fitness Club.
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