Thursday, December 20, 2007

Extra Large Building Wraps as an Alternative to Press Advertising

Many companies rely on half page and full page print advertising - the business and recruitment pages in the Broadsheets are a favourite for this, usually because of their wide reach and targeted readership. According to, a half page colour ad in the Irish Times Business or Recruitment supplement comes in around the €16900 mark (rate card prices), while a half page colour ad in the Irish Independent costs around €17250. On top of this of course are the Design or Ad agency fees associated with creating the print ad. The ad will be targeted well and will have a lot of presence within the page due to its sheer size. However there is a more cost effective, and arguably more eye-catching, alternative - for companies with a large office building in a city centre location or in the financial district of a city, a Digitally Printed Building Wrap may be a cheaper and more effective solution than the traditional print ad. Production of a Mesh Building Wrap (mesh allows light through so windows can be covered without any problem), say 10m wide x 10m long, would cost €6000 (fitting fees are extra). Like the half page newspaper ad, the size of this banner relative its surroundings will draw attention from passers by. The location of the building will mean that professional and business people will be passing by each day to reach their work places and so the ad will have a similar reach to that of a newspaper ad. A major advantage of the building wrap over the half page print ad is that it can stay up as long as needs be. Although a newspaper can obviously be kept and re-read at a later date, the reality is that a newspaper ad has maybe a 2 day window in which to reach readers, while a Building wrap could feasibly be left in place for months if needs be, so is suitable for short and long term advertising campaigns. Just a thought...

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