Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Visit to Euroshop '08

We have just returned from the colossal Euroshop exhibition in Dusseldorf's Messe Venue. This event is so huge that it only comes round once every 3 years! Running since 1966, this is ostensibly the Global Retail Trade Fair - but it covers everything to do with selling, marketing and design, including shopfitting, signage & display systems, mannequins and models, innovative new products, interior design, printing and even giant food! There are over 1600 Exhibitors from 50 countries and 90000 visitors will pass through Euroshop's 17 halls during its 5 day run.

We used our visit to check out the exhibition, display, signage and lighting exhibits, and to spend time at the Nomadic Display stand, which was really impressive. This 6 metre by 9 metre stand includes a range of modular portable display features including a flat pop up stand with a suspender system for display posters, a backlit counter and a fully functional bar area with overhanging canopy! We were particularly pleased to see magnetism of the stand in action, as we will soon be placing a similar stand in our showroom for permanent display.

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