Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nomadic Display's Eco-Friendly Fabric Initiative

Nomadic Display have announced their latest in a long line of green initiatives, the introduction of Eco-Fi Velcro Friendly Fabric. This fabric is made with polyester created entirely from recycled plastic bottles. This fabric is then used to make the velcro-friendly fabric panels which Nomadic's customers have been using for decades. The Eco-Fi panels are at present available in two colour/texture options but the palette will expand as new eco-friendly materials are incorporated and technologies developed by Nomadic Display's production team.

The introduction of Eco-Fi fabric follows on from other green policies such as minimising the use of solvent-based adhesives in 2006, and the on-going use of recycled and recyclable aluminium, plastic, wood and cardboard in Nomadic's frames, cases and laminate panels.

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