Thursday, January 31, 2008

Exhibiting at Recruitment Fairs

This is the time of year when colleges and universitites are holding open days for prospective students and exhibitions such as Fás Opportunities and Jobscene are being held. So, it is worth considering what exactly exhibitors should do to attract potential employees.

One thing to consider is the type of person they
UCD Stretch Fabric Panel Pop Up Stand - small. are trying to attract - in the case of colleges, universities, design & marketing companies and retail stores, the recruiters might want to project a modern image or to stand out from their fellow exhibitors with an eye-catching stand like a stretch fabric display. These stands have the added advantage of the individual panels being very economical to change, so a targeted approach to different events can be acheived at minimum cost.

ICAI Swift Banner Stand
Conversely, those recruiting for accounting and consulting companies might favour a traditional display such as a conventional pop up stand or pull up stand with a carefully designed graphic incorporating a sharp photographic image.

IT and technology companies would do well to look at Aluminium display stands which can
Isoft Display with plasma incorporate flatscreens and computer elements so that they can showcase their strengths in a stand that looks cutting edge.

In all cases the general design principles listed here and here apply - for example, don't be tempted to list too much information on the stand - leave this to brochures and printouts, or preferably engage the prospects in conversation so you can pass on this info face-to-face.

Colleges in particular will often turn to hiring display stands for 2 reasons. Firstly, colleges often have a once or twice yearly requirement for a vast amount of stands to form booths and display boards for college open days. It makes sense to hire hard panels for these occasions
rather than shell out for purchasing theseDCU HArd Panels panels and then for storing them for the long periods they are not in use.

The second reason colleges might hire is that they have many different faculties and courses and so could avail of hired pop up stands with velcro-friendly panels - this means that graphics and posters can be changed as often as needed to accommodate the needs of various faculties. Of course this can also be achieved by purchasing a pop up stand with velcro panels.
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