Friday, January 4, 2008

Planning a Training Event

Our first guest blogger, Aaron Downes of Optimum Training, gives his take on planning a successful training event, great info for those planning and budgeting for the coming year:

"A company serious about the learning and development of employees will invest a considerable amount of time in the planning of a training intervention. First and foremost it is essential to understand the organisations requirements, what are the training objectives (what performance improvement do you wish to see once the training is complete) and what metrics will be put in place to determine the success of the training.

A complete training needs analysis will enable the organisation clarify goals, set training objectives and provide potential solutions to the training need.

Training has the potential to improve staff motivation and build the skills to compete in today’s business environment. Therefore a training event must deliver above and beyond the expectations of the organisation and the participants to ensure return on investment.

The following checklist will ensure a successful training event;

  • Location/Timing – make best use of participant’s time!
  • Evaluation Process (Pre and Post) – Ensure targeted performance improvement training.
  • Custom Fit – Tailored training delivers on company’s expectations.
  • Reputable Trainers – Ask for trainer CV’s, look for previous experience.
  • Certification – Look for accreditation, ILM, HETAC etc.
  • Creativity/Innovation – What new learning methods are being applied?
  • Costs – The cheapest provider may not deliver the most value to your business.
  • Training Style – Look for a blended approach, trainer focused and learner focused.
  • Follow Through – Training will only be effective once behaviour in the workplace has changed.

Training and Development is about adding to a company’s bottom line, creating a training event which makes participants feel good about their jobs and has an impact on performance, ensures sustainable competitive advantage."

Optimum Limited specialises in the provision of Business and Management Training and Process interventions within the Corporate and Community, Private and Public Sectors. Our training programmes are designed to increase proficiency and competency in personal and business development skills. Our Business support initiatives anticipate and respond to the changing needs of our many clients.
As a preferred choice provider too many of
Ireland’s leading businesses, we have learned that the key to our success is putting their success first. Our focus is on building lasting partnerships that offer the company positive business outcomes and the individual a rewarding learning experience. Our commitment to quality is enhanced by the enthusiasm of our team and our recognition of the standards you set. Combining Innovation with flexibility, the Optimum Way
leads you to meet your challenges and achieve your potential”

To discuss your training requirements in further detail, please contact;

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