Friday, January 25, 2008

Part Two of Display Product Guide – Pull Up Stands…not to be confused with Pop Up Stands!

Pop up and Pull up stands are often confused by customers, and even by some vendors who have come to the display business late in the game. But they are really very different, with different strengths and uses, as I will explain in this installment of the Display Product Guide…

Pull Up Stands – aka Roller Banners, Roll Up Banners, Roll Up Signs, Banner Stands, Banner Signs, Penguin Stands, Banner Displays, Pull Up Signs, Pull Up Banners, Portable Banners.

Pull Up Stands/Banners are so called because, to assemble the stand, a printed panel on a roller is pulled up from the base and hooked to the tip of a telescopic bar, so that it forms a vertical banner effect, and is self supporting.

In pure layman’s terms, these are long thin displays, similar in shape and size to a strip of wallpaper and they function like an upside down roller blind, where the ‘blind’ is actually a digitally printed graphic panel.

These stands are usually in the region of 2 metres tall and 80cm to 1m wide. For this reason they are compact and versatile displays and are popular for uses as varied sales presentations, exhibitions and trade shows as well as in-store displays, and promotional displays in bars, shopping centres and hospitals.

Another major advantage of Pull Up or Roller Banner Stands is the portability they afford the user. For this reason it is important to choose a pull up banner which is as light as possible – they range in weight from around 4 kilos to 8 or 9 kilos in weight depending on the materials and components used. They travel in a bag with a shoulder strap, and unlike Pop Up Display stands, these stands can easily be transported by someone travelling on foot or on the bus!

Compared to Pop Up Display Stands, Pull Up Banners have the obvious advantage of being about 10-15% of the price of a 3m Pop Up Stand. However they are obviously much smaller and have less of a presence, which can pose a problem for those wishing to avail of their portability and low price, but needing a backdrop or wide effect from their display stand. There is an answer to this and it lies with clever graphic design – 2, 3 or more pull up stands can be designed in such a way that they form a continuous image when placed side by side. This way, the stands form an attractive display about 2.5 metres wide, and often they can be used separately as well, giving you the utmost return on investment from these clever little stands.

Another thing to bear in mind is that these stands can be purchased with 2 rollers in the base, meaning the same stand can be use to promote 2 different products, events, faculties etc. Also with all the different brands and types of stands on the market, it should be possible to replace the printed panels at a reasonable cost as many times as you like.

So, these stands will never provide the sheer presence of a Pop Up Display stand, and they can’t support plasma screens, or be joined together to create an impressive 6m backdrop display. However the portability, versatility and low cost of these stands means they are perennially popular with literally every kind of business. Bear in mind the following when purchasing a Pull Up Banner Display to ensure you get the best quality and value for money.

Things to look out for when buying a Pull Up Display stand:

**Check the hardware warranty that comes with the stand – there should be at least a year’s warranty

**Check that if the Pull Up Stand becomes damaged, it can a) be repaired, b) be repaired cheaply or for free, c) where do the repairs take place (effecting repair time and shipping costs), d) can small components, e.g. spring, top bar, be replaced easily

**Check what the panel is made of – laminated paper panels are notorious for curling at the edges and cracking. A vinyl panel is often more durable and attractive

**Check the weight of the stand – is it light enough for you to carry comfortably over your shoulder

**Look our for stands with a stable base, without fold out legs which may add weight and increase the stand’s footprint

**A stand with 2 rollers in the base may be a great investment buy IF the stand is of a high enough quality to bear repeated use through the years

**Check the price to have a new panel added or a second side added to the stand

**Look for a stand where the telescopic pole is connected by elastic to prevent losing a piece

**Check that accessories such as spotlights can be added and that they can be transported within the shoulder bag

** Ask to see the Pull Up Stand in the flesh and to practice putting up the stand before you buy so that you can compare quality – these stands are on the cheaper end of the display stand scale but very cheap stands without warranties are a false economy as they will not withstand repeated use

Important Terms relating to Pull Up Banner Stands:

Panel – The printed panel visible at the front of the stand when assembled

Print – see panels

Graphic – see panels

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